Concrete Additives

Concrete additives, also called concrete admixtures, are mainly used to improve the properties of concrete.The additives for concrete mix can improve concrete quality, manageability, accelerate or delay solidification time, and other properties that can be varied to achieve specific results. In general, concrete contains one or more chemical additives, which can help us reduce costs while increasing productivity, but the cost will depend on the amount and type of concrete additives used.

Various Types of Concrete Additives:

Kingsun concrete additives for strength can be liquid or powder. And these additives in concrete mainly include  high range water reducing admixtures(Naphthalene Based Superplasticizer, Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer), sodium lignosulphonate, sodium gluconate, concrete retarders, concrete plasticizers, etc.

Product Name: Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (PCE) Type: PCE Liquid, PCE Powder Solid Content, %: 50±1.0, 98±1.0 Chloride Content,% ≤ 0.1 Solubility: Completely Soluble Water Reducing Rate: ...
PCE Superplasticizer
Product Name: Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Abbreviation: SNF/PNS/NSF/FND Product Type: SNF-A/B/C Appearance: Light brown powder PH Value: 7-9 CAS No.: 36290-04-7 HS Code: 38244010.00 Sodium naphthalene ...
Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Powder
Product Name: Sodium Lignosulfonate Other Name: Lignosulfonic Acid Sodium Salt Appearance: Yellow Brown Powder Dry Matter: 92% min PH Value: 7.5-10.5 CAS No.: 8061-51-6 HS Code: ...
Sodium Lignosulfonate Sample
Other Name: Sodium Salt of Gluconic Acid Appearance: White crystalline powder Purity %: 98% min Tech Grade: Industrial Grade PH Value: 6.2~7.8 CAS No.: 527-07-1 ...
Sodium Gluconate Powder

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