Concrete Retarder

Concrete retarder, also called concrete set retarder, is very suitable for concrete mixing. In general, Adding retarding admixtures to commercial concrete is to extend the hardening time of cement mortar, so that the fresh concrete can maintain plasticity for a long time, thereby adjusting the setting time of the fresh concrete. Setting retarder used in concrete is often used in hot weather to counter the rapid setting caused by high temperatures. For large jobs, or in hot weather, specify concrete with retarder to allow more time for placing and finishing.

  • Kingsun sodium gluconate for sale
    Kingsun Sodium Gluconate Powder
  • Product Name: Sodium Gluconate
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • Purity %: 98% Min
  • CAS No.: 527-07-1
  • PH Value: 6.2~7.5
  • Molecular Formula: C6H11NaO7

Sodium Gluconate As Concrete Retarder

When adding fixed amount of sodium gluconate in cement, it can make the concrete strong and random, and at the same time, it also delays concrete initial and final setting time. So Kingsun sodium gluconate can be used as concrete setting retarder and water reducing admixture in the construction & building industry. As a professional manufacturer in China, Kingsun always provides good quality concrete set retarder products for all the customers. By the way, if you are going to buy sodium gluconate concrete retarder, please contact us to get a free quote right now!

Concrete Retarder For Sale

Sodium Gluconate For Sale

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