Concrete Admixtures

Concrete admixtures, referred to as concrete additives, are natural or manufactured chemicals which are added to the concrete before or during mixing. And the purpose of adding concrete chemical admixtures is to improve the performance of concrete. However, the percentage of admixture in concrete is usually no more than 5%.

Kingsun Sodium Gluconate Was Shipped to Korea
Kingsun Sodium Gluconate Was Shipped to Korea

Do you know why we use admixtures for concrete? General speaking, Kingsun concrete admixture is used to give special properties to fresh or hardened concrete. Admixtures may enhance the durability, workability or strength characteristics of a given concrete admixture. Besides, chemical admixtures are used to overcome different construction situation, such as hot or cold weather placements, pumping requirements, early strength requirement, or very low water-cement ratio specifications.

Different Types of Concrete Admixtures For Sale

The most often used chemical admixtures in concrete are water reducing admixtures, high range superplasticizers, concrete plasticizers, concrete retarders, sodium gluconate, etc.  As the most professional manufacturer of concrete chemical admixtures in China, Kingsun always offers high-quality products and excellent services for many customers all over the world.

    • Sodium Gluconate: Adding fixed amount of sodium gluconate in cement can make the concrete strong and random.
    • Water Reducing Admixtures: Water-reducing admixtures are mainly used to reduce the water-cementitious content of concrete, thus increasing strength. In some cases, they can be used to increase the workability or slump of the concrete providing for easier placement.
    • High Range Superplasticizers: Can greatly reduce the amount of water used for mixing under the condition that the concrete slump is basically the same. By the way, Kingsun concrete superplasticizer for sale mainly includes SNF and PCE.
    • Concrete Plasticizers: can be used for improving workability of concrete. The strength of concrete is a major function of water cement ratio. Concrete plasticizers are added in concrete in amount of 0.1 % to 0.4 % by weight of cement.
    • Concrete Retarders: They are used to delay the initial setting time of the concrete upto an hour. Retarders for concrete are generally used in the hot weather condition to counter the rapid hardening due to high temperature, thus allowing the time for mixing, transporting and placing. Of coourse, concrete retarder also acts as water reducing agent.

The above is a brief introduction of various concrete admixture products in Kingsun. If you are going to buy these concrete chemical admixtures, please contact us online or leave a message below. Besides, Kingsun company is looking forward to cooperating with you.

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