An Argentine Customer Imports SNF Powder from Kingsun

A customer from Argentina has been buying sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde (SNF) from Russia before, but the recent situation has had a great impact on his imports. When the customer heard that there are also high-quality SNF superplasticizer in China, they began to look for Chinese manufacturers.

An Argentine Customer Imports SNF Powder from Kingsun
An Argentine Customer Imports SNF Powder from Kingsun

After many comparisons, he finally chose our product. We communicated by email and provided samples for him to test. Of course, the test results also met the customer’s requirements. So the customer decided to cooperate with our company, and he placed a trial order for two containers. At the same time, our factory also quickly arranged the delivery. At present, the customer has received the goods and reported that the goods have been sold out locally, and their customers are also very satisfied with our products. He hopes to continue working with us in the future!

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